Plaster Blocks Machine

The plaster  block machine PLATROTEC

A total innovation of our team, interchangeable head machines in mirror polished stainless steel

Alone PLATROTEC assures you the acquisition of original machines for the molding of plaster blocks

Our mastery and technical know-how since the 1970s, offers you a quality and high precision molding without equal.



Modular system with interchangeable heads for blocks of different thicknesses.

Modular machines with interchangeable heads for a perfect match with the customer's production needs. The machines have 3 or 5 modules, each equipped with a beam and an independent extrusion cylinder.
Advantage of the system with interchangeable heads: a molding station can alternatively produce different thicknesses of blocks 50-60-70-80-100 mm. 

Possibility to make solid and hollow blocks with the same molding machine.

The molding heads allow for solid and hollow blocks with retractable column sets. These sets are waiting in the molding head, even when casting solid blocks.  

Anti-corrosion guarantee with a stainless steel design.

Molding head made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel. All stainless steel body parts are covered with a layer of hard chrome then mirror polished. 

Anti-corrosion guarantee, even in the case of a burst of the chrome layer.

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