PLATROTEC research committed industrial partners to develop the production of a first production line of Synergie 100% plasterboard, without cardboard covering the faces.

The next step is the creation of a first company in charge of the manufacture and distribution of these plates.

Several sectors of the construction industry are already waiting for this type of very robust plasterboard reinforced with fiberglass in its mass and with a revolutionary reliability.

The presentation of two plastered smooth faces already known in the plaster block, the robust assembly of the plates between them thanks to the peripheral interlockings, the disappearance of the work of joints between plates after laying are essential assets attracting strongly the industrialists of the building.

The important sector of prefabricated wood construction currently using cardboard as interior finishing and fire protection, architects and contractors looking for a new quality product at a very competitive cost, are already pointing this that they designate as '' the plate ''.

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