The palletisation system

PLATROTEC innovates in palletizing equipment for plaster block machine



The palletisation unit is made by combining the components according to the customer's needs: overhead crane, compression bench, palletising machine, strapping unit, wrapping unit, inkjet marking.

Adaptable automation to customer's needs.

Palletisation is managed entirely by a PLC.

The palletisation unit is fully automated. On demand, it can be semi-automated with human intervention, for the hulling and shrinking of the cover by thermal process.

Absence of civil engineering.

The palletisation unit does not require any civil engineering. It is simply placed and then fixed on the concrete slab after final adjustments.

Gentle handling of blocks.

In order to handle the plaster blocks smoothly when placing on pallet, all movements are optimized by variable frequency drives for each of the electric motors.

Setting up "Plug and Play"

The palletisation unit is fully assembled and tested in our workshops.
It is delivered pre-wired, all hydraulics already connected. The installation on site is reduced to the floor fixing and the connection to the electrical cabinet.

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