Mixing Unit

The mixing station PLATROTEC

Simple, practical & effective...



Compact design.

Maximum space saving. The entire water and plaster dosing station is installed on a gantry fixed to the crane rails of the plaster block machine

Longevity guaranteed by a stainless steel design.

The longevity of the installation is guaranteed by a systematic use of stainless steel 18-10 for the realization of the tanks, the tank of the waste and the screw of Archimedes for the plaster.

Fully automatic operation.

Weighing, mixing and filling of the check molds, follow a configurable cycle on a PLC.

Accuracy of weighing.

Use of 3 weighing sensors on water tank and plaster hopper.

Optimum maintenance of the cleanliness of the unit.

Dust guidance during the descent of the plaster in the mixer thanks to water spray nozzles.
Self-cleaning of the internal walls of the mixer tank by trickling water during the filling process.

Optimal mixing.

Energetic mixing of water and plaster by one or two electrically powered four-blade stirrers.

Ancillary installation of adjuvants.

Possibility of installing a dosing station for chemical additives (silicone, dyes, plasticizer ...)

Memorizing recipes.

Possibility of storing recipes (weight of water and plaster, amount of admixtures, etc.) reusable by simple call from the machine's control panel.

Mixing tank movements ensured by hydraulic cylinders.

2 hydraulic cylinders ensure a smooth rise and fall smoothly of mixing tank.

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