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Who are we ?

Design office, Design and Equipment Manufacturing Industry plaster

PLATROTEC specializes in the design and production of equipment dedicated to the production of gypsum plasterboard and kilns. 

Thanks to a unique know-how and a high technical expertise for more than 40 years, we develop new technical solutions adapted to your needs.

PLATROTEC innovates constantly and is at your disposal from preliminary project to commissioning.

Our method :
* Personalized approach in the study of a concrete project.
* Close collaboration with the customer, to obtain an optimal result, according to his needs and constraints.
* Optimization of production processes thanks to the automation of the equipment, aiming at reducing the number of operators in maintenance.
* Reduced pollution level of the equipment.
* Implementation of innovative elements.

Our missions :

To envisage the future penetrating not only the French internal market, but also the new markets of the countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

Develop new inventions and discoveries. 

With the professional experience and know-how of its technicians, is able to meet the highest demands of its former and future customers, with the sole purpose of being in harmony with current trends.

For any information or documentation request, do not hesitate to contact us at 01 60 35 36 11 or click here

Historical M. René Bergounhon

René BERGOUNHON - President

Born November 18, 1937 in Blanc-Mesnil (France).
Research engineer specialized in fluid mechanics.

1957 - 1969 : Ste Worthington Masoneilan at Bourget (77 - France) - Head of Studies Office.
      Achievements :
  • Patent: Manual control for automatic control valve.
  • Patent: Balanced valve for control valve.
  • New: 10,000 lbs. High Pressure Valve.

1970 - 1987 : MODERN WORKSHOPS in Rosny-sous-Bois (93 - France).
      Shareholder and director of the company.
      Technical Director: Creation within this company of a plaster department.
  • Patent: plaster block press "with extension" (process bought by Rhône Poulenc France).
  • Patent: Plaster block dryer.
  • Novelty: One-piece "extrusion" block machine with hollow block adaptation.

1985 : Creation of ALPHA PLATRE
      The founders: Mr Bergounhon René (father) - Mr Bergounhon Eric (son) - Mr Setera Alain
      This company invents, develops and protects very quickly many innovative equipment for the plaster industry.
  • Patent: Condenser check dryer resulting in a 50% reduction in energy consumption, ie 450 kilo calories per kilo of water extracted.
  • Patent: Vertical furnaces for the treatment of gypsum to produce plaster with low water demand, resulting from the presence of so-called "alpha" plaster. Minimized heat consumption (50% less than other conventional ovens).
  • Novelty: One-piece "extrusion" block machine with hollow block adaptation.
  • Preparation of water-plaster mixture.
  • Handling and packaging of finished products.
2005 : We sell ALPHA PLATRE to the CERIC group

2009 : Creation of GYPSOTONNE SAS
      Created by the same two founding design engineers of ALPHA PLATRE in 1985: Mrs BERGOUNHON René (father) and Eric (son).

2010 : Mr René BERGOUNHON, President of GYPSOTONNE SAS

2010 : Creation of PLATROTEC SAS, President of the company.

Historical M. Eric Bergounhon

Eric BERGOUNHON - Director of Studies, Research and Development

Born December 2, 1960 in Dugny (France).
Technical studies. Option: Industrial drawing in frames and metal works.

1982  - 1985 :
  • Collaborator of the design office of the company LES COFFRAGES MODERNES in Rosny-sous-Bois (93 - France): elaboration of drawings for the manufacture of parts intended for plastering equipment (plasterboard machine with extrusion and extension plaster, dryers, handling of plaster blocks, etc.).
1985  - 2005 : 
  • One of the three founders and directors of ALPHA PLATRE (assisted by his father René BERGOUNHON and Alain SETERA, both specialists in the field of plaster and its applications since 1970)
      Studies of new equipment and exploitation of patents such as :
  • Research and development on gypsum board machines with interchangeable heads, for the purpose of molding blocks of different thicknesses with the same machine frame.
  • Participation in the development of drywall dryers with the advantage of recovering calories from steam thanks to the patented condenser system.
  • Research and development on static vertical plaster baking ovens with a throughput of 180 tons / day and its big brother of 450 tons / day.
2005  - 2008 :
      Technical Director of ALPHA PLATRE acquired in 2005 by the CERIC group.

2008 :
      Departure from KEYRIA before the liquidation of all the companies of this subsidiary in 2009 and 2010.

2009 : Creation of GYPSOTONNE SAS

November 2009 - July 2010: President of GYPSOTONNE SAS

Août 2010 :
      Director of studies, research and development of GYPSOTONNE SAS.

2010 : Creation of PLATROTEC SAS, General Manager of the company.

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